Thursday, December 25, 2008

A New Year Begins

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I finally have a few minutes to get back to my blog! Check here next month... I will be starting a new project for an after school art residency in Smithville NJ. I will be working with Young Audiences of NJ, for the Galloway Twp after school program. I will be making a mosaic labyrinth that will be part of a garden that will be located in the Smithville School.I am also working on a mosaic sign for Friends School of Mullica Hill.I hope to have it completed soon. Keep checking for photo's of both projects.


In Memory of John Simpson


This is a pit fired urn for my dear friend and great artist John Simpson. John passed away last year, but left a wonderful body of art work, both wood sculpture and jewelry. I tried to embody his spirit as well as the materials of his art in this piece.


Raku Vessels



Here are a few examples of hand made (coil method) raku fired vessels.

Work In Progress


Here is a work in progress. My husband Joe Scuderi and I are working on a wood and ceramic tile mandala located in his office. The tiles are Tibetan seed symbols of the five elements. The center tile is the seed syllable A on which meditation transforms anger to love. The green symbol to the right is YANG, the air element, on which meditation brings peace. The tile at the top is RAM, the fire element. Meditation on it transforms greed and desire. The symbol MANG, the water element is to the right. Meditation on this symbol transforms jealousy to openness. The symbol at the bottom is KHANG, the earth element. Meditation on this changes ignorance to wisdom, and has a grounding effect.

All the tiles were Raku fired on my property. As this work progresses I will post more photos. Click on the photo to see more details.


Peace Poles


This is a Peace Pole made at the Ellen Powell Memorial Museum in Philadelphia Pa. I worked with a group of kids in a summer camp program.After the photo was taken, the pole was moved to the Parkside Recreation center.

Friday, October 31, 2008

mosaic murals


These are six foot by six foot ceramic mosaic murals installed in Galloway Township, New Jersey.

They were created with students in an after school art residency funded by the NJ artist in education Consortium.