Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Pandemic Residencies: A Most Unusual Year Complete!

Despite the pandemic I was able to finish three new residencies and finished up one from 2020. All were completed with students who were both in person and virtual. Very challenging to do! Somehow I made it work, along with much help from all the teachers who had to learn on the fly, think creatively, and were willing to be very flexible! Many thanks to all the teachers I worked with at Jackson Liberty High School in Jackson NJ, James Monroe Elementary in Edison, Broad St School in Bridgeton and Creative Co Laboratory Charter in Elmer NJ. Together we achieved great things. I am very grateful that I was able to work with such a fine group of teachers who felt passionate about giving their students an arts experience that resulted in lasting beauty that also demonstrates grit, resilience, and flexibility despite all the obstacles. Thanks also to AIE, Young Audiences of NJ, and Creativity Co Laboratory for all the support through difficult times. 
Pythagoras Tree and geometric flowers James Monroe Elementary
Students grouting at Jackson Liberty HS
Installing sculpture
Installing mosaic pole
Completed sculpture in courtyard

Monday, May 3, 2021

Residency at Creativity CoLaboratory


Due to the ongoing pandemic scheduling changes, I had the opportunity to teach in the school I had the pleasure to help start, The Creativity CoLaboratory at Appel Farm. This charter school is dedicated to arts integration and arts based learning. It is located on the campus at Appel Farm in Elmer NJ, a great place for a school and a wonderful place to work. Over the years, I have taught art classes and workshops as well as created a public sculpture with my creative partner Kathy Casper.  So happy I finally had a chance to teach in the Charter School. Students were in person half of the time then the residency switched to remote after the Thanksgiving holiday, when Covid cases started to rise in Salem County. The mini mosaics were my first attempt at a remote mosaics. We also worked on bookmaking, printmaking and cardboard sculpture. Thankfully we were able to come back together to grout the mini mosaics, which will be hung as a sign for the school sometime in the near future.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Pandemic Residencies Year Two. A Most Unusual Year.


This past year I have been a resident artist in 3 NJ schools. It was a most unusual year. All of my residencies started out virtually and then transitioned to onsite with a few students who came back into their school building for in person classes. I returned to Broad St School in Bridgeton to complete a garden installation that was started last year. New work, a sculpture installation was begun at Jackson Liberty High School in Jackson and a mosaic that was done mostly virtual at James Monroe Elementary in Edison NJ. Here a a few photos of work in progress at Broad St School

 Our fearless leader Dr Pai at Broad St School

Teachers Mr and Mrs Rivera work as a team

Completed tiles for garden poles

Ms Olive Doss a community helper

So great to be able to work together again as a team