Friday, September 23, 2016

Joseph Tiberino, friend and mentor.

My dear friend and mentor Joseph Tiberino passed away in March 2016. Joe and his wife Ellen, shared the love of creating art and life with all those who came in contact with them.  Joe was an inspiration to my family, and his childern remain my closest of friends. Many years ago, Joe asked me to make a funeral urn for him. He wanted his face on the outside so I cast him in plaster. What a time I had removing that cast due to all his facial hair! I created his urn and kept his cast for many years before it finally came into use. This past summer, Danny Simmons opened a new cultural art center in Philadelphia called Rush Philanthropic Arts. The first show in his new gallery was dedicated to Joe Tiberino, the "Joe Show"! Here are the casts I created for the show. Rest in Peace my friend.

Smoky Joe

Green Man Joe

Joe Van Gogh

Camdens Pride

After waiting most of the summer for cooler weather to arrive, I finally had to to finish grouting. The day was HOT but the poles got finished. This was my first experience working with the brightly colored grout. I really like the way it works on the totems. Thanks to Appel Farm for funding this project. I really enjoyed working in the garden. It is a little spot of beauty within the city of Camden.