Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bradley Beach Elementary

Bradley Elementary School in Bradley Beach NJ is the location of my latest A.I.E. residency. It is a  beautiful little school located on the Jersey shore, just south of Asbury Park. This area was heavily damaged by hurricane Sandy, but seems to be in full rebound mode. I am working with art teacher Jennifer DiZefalo, and a core group of 8th grade students to create clay pots modeled after classic Pre Columbian/ Mayan pottery. As a young art student, I often visited the University Museum in Philadelphia. I loved spending the day studying the ancient pottery from Greece and Rome. In some ways, looking at the ancient artifacts in the museum, is what shaped my decision to become a ceramic artist. It is so exciting to be able to share my love of traditional handbuilding techniques with the students at Bradley Beach.

Along with the Mayan pottery, Bradley Beach is also working to host an Empty Bowl event. I have been working with other grades in the school to create handmade bowls that will be sold at the event which will be held in the spring. The students are very excited about this event, and are really enjoying the opportunity to work with clay, some for the first time.