Saturday, February 4, 2012

Salem Senior Center Storytelling Residency

The Family Reunion

The family reunion takes place in a park.
It is given by the Library of Congress.
It takes place in early spring or maybe October( people are wearing jackets)
The family wants to get together to have a reunion.
Martha is on the left, and Marie is on the right.
Martha and Marie are sisters.
Martha is older than Marie.
Martha is 40 and Marie is 38.
Most of the time, Martha and Marie get along, but sometimes they spar with each other.
They argue about the calories in the food
Sometimes they argue about what to bake.
The people attending the reunion haven’t seen each other in a long time.
Some friends are also attending the reunion.
Martha is the grandmother of the twins.
They are telling stories about when they were kids.
They are blowing up balloons, and playing games.
It could be someone’s birthday!
They are having a bake- off.
Everybody at the party brought a cake.
It could be a political party, someone is trying to gain influence.
There is laughter and talking from telling stories.
Birds are singing, children are playing, and the wind is blowing through the trees.
Patriotic music is playing
The cakes smell sweet and good.
Everyone is going to have a little bit!
They are having ice-cream cones.
They are having soda and bottled water too.
They are having soup, potato salad, and macaroni salad.
When they finish the meal, they will dance.
They will play baseball, take photo’s, and the men will play badmitten and horseshoes.
After the party, everyone will clean up and talk.
Everyone is having a good time.