Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Community Mosaic at Broad St. School Bridgeton NJ

Below are photos of the installation at Broad St School in Bridgeton NJ. The mosaics on either side of the steps to the entrance of the school building represent the community: the plants, animals, buildings and streets, as well as the culture of Bridgeton. The yellow mosaic is a street view with buildings, plants and animals. The blue mosaic reprsents the Latino culture: holidays, foods, games and imagery associated with the people who live in the community. Second and third grade students learned about mapping as well as how to work with clay and create a mosaic. The strips of tile extending out of the mosaic panals were created by community members: faculty and parents. The wall was long so I decided to design the installation so that it can be added too in future years. Many thanks to art teacher Dr Anne Marie Pai, who had to transport all the tile to another building for firing and incredible documentation of the entire process by Ms. Olive Doss.

Community Map

Culutral Map

With Ms Doss and my expert helpers.

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